Personal Injury

When a serious accident happens, lives are forever changed. The simple pleasures that we enjoy in Northern Alabama become chores.

Workplace Litigation

Legal issues in the workplace cause costly litigation, bad publicity, and workplace disruptions for employers and employees.

Real Estate

Over the last 12 years, the attorneys at Mastando & Artrip have helped individuals and businesses purchase both residential and commercial real estate.

Class Action

We have had the pleasure of bringing companies to justice that have put profits ahead of integrity and the day’s stock price over their own customers’ interest.


Huntsville Attorneys: Personal Injury, Whisleblower, Employment Law

Mastando & Artrip has over 50 years of combined experience handling personal legal matters including personal injury, car wrecks, contract disputes, sexual harassment, employment discrimination claims, will drafting, as well as complex class action suits. We represent individuals in courts throughout North Alabama.

Timely action often makes a tremendous difference in the legal system.

To schedule your consultation with an experienced attorney at Mastando & Artrip, please call our office in Huntsville at (256) 532-2222 today.


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